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Tweet Tweet Tweet

Discussion in 'Google' started by toradrake, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    Google and Twitter are somewhat teaming up. Read in an article that Google is now going to include tweets in their SERPS. That is a great opportunity I think for us on a marketing stand point. You tweet, they tweet, everybody tweet tweet... tweeting about your site(s) and getting others to tweet about it could give you even more exposure then before. So go tweet my little birdies! tweet!

  2. jblogger New Member


    From a marketer perspective I think that would be a nice way of getting exposure to our links, but from a user point of view I don't see how a tweet showing up in the SERP can be a goot thing because there's not much value a tweet can add to the mix.

  3. Converse Active Member


    I'm thinking it would really screw up Google's search results even more than they already are. I am already annoyed with the Facebook pages in their results, and there's a lot more value in a Facebook page than a tweet, or even a whole page of tweets.

  4. xTinx New Member


    Why only Twitter? Why not forge ties with just about any social network available including Pinterest, Facebook, Linked in and whatnot? Is this an attempt to dilute Facebook's influence? Anyhow, although I don't mind using Twitter for business purposes, the limited space is just killing me. There's a limited feeling to Twitter. That's why marketers who use it won't be satisfied until they use other SNS too.

  5. Converse Active Member


    Google has been spidering Facebook for quite a while. Facebook pages show up in the SERPs all the time.

  6. jblogger New Member


    Having Facebook pages show up in the SERP is something I can understand because there the messages can be longer than on Twitter. It's pretty much like showing forum threads. There's a lot of value than can be found on a conversation. But with Twitter? All you would find is a link to another social media site that links somewhere else where the actual content is.

  7. dyanmarie25 New Member


    Two of my favorite sites are teaming up! That's absolutely one great news. I am actually more active on Twitter than on Facebook because I find it much easier to navigate and it's faster, so this news is making me feel really excited. :D

  8. Rainman New Member


    Google is starting to lose focus on what they should really be doing — to get their users better search results.

    However, since tweets, especially those created by marketers are but a short version of their blog post or brief description of the products they are trying to sell, quite obviously using the same keywords, that content can be found elsewhere on the web in it's "full form." I'm sure Google users would find that content more useful than a tweet.

    But if tweets will be showing up in the SERPs then I suppose it's time I created a new account on twitter. More exposure = more traffic after all.

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  9. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I'm actually surprised that they don't have more social media places teaming up with them. I don't know what the most used social network site is, but I'm surprised that they would go with Twitter. I have nothing against Twitter, I love it, I use it all the time. Honestly, I thought that they would team up with Facebook or maybe Instagram. Those are the sites that I would see Google teaming up with just because they seem like they have more people using them. I could be wrong though.


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