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Twitter "While You Were Away"

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by toradrake, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    When I read this, my marketing gears started firing. Twitter is following Facebook with a new program called "While Your Were Away".

    So why did this information get my marketing gears rolling. I'll tell you why....

    I am not much of a fan of advertising through social media because your marketing through your post is lost in the hundreds of messages that appear on there at the time you post your marketing stream. For instance, I posted about my forum three days ago on my Facebook. When I submitted, the post was not there... I found it under 20 other streams. I asked my friends if they saw it and 90% of them did not and when they looked for it, they had a hard time finding it because of all the other messages that were on their boards at the same time as mine from various different places. That makes it hard for a marketer to get seen because there is no putting your steam above others when it comes to social networking. They are placed where they came in... first come first serve in other words. And with the constant stream going, it just gets further and further down in the list. With the "While You Are Away" method, there is a better chance to get yourself seen... at least in the future. Right now it is still in the beta phase, I guess you would say, and over time there will be changes. Eventually there could be little ways that a marketer can market their site a little more effectively through this method. Only time will tell, but there is hope.

    Here is a link to the article if you want to hear more about it.

    Twitter Rolling Out ‘While You Were Away’ Feature to Mixed Reviews

    Can anyone think of ways this system could be utilized in getting your site marketed better in Twitter?

  2. SimplySidy Member


    I think like you dear. And yes, what you and I think are true. Many a times, our posts on Fb go unnoticed because of the people being subscribed to so many feeds at the same time. In my opinion the same thing will continue to happen even on the While You Were Away. It is difficult to find people who would select only you in your niche and no others. Yes, it could be improvised - maybe they (twitter) should also use some algos to determine that every feed gets some kind of evaluation to determine its position on the new feed. If they follow the simple rule of published most recently stays on top, this idea will have no effects.

  3. celinejulietdcosta New Member


    Thanks for the info. Hearing about it for the first time.

  4. spikerfreelancer New Member


    I understand and sympathize with what you are saying. Just before Christmas, I found an incredible deal without a buying limit on it. A 6 TB internal hard drive made by seagate for under $200. For me a deal like this is unheard of. So of course I created a link and description top it on Facebook and created an entire website about it trying to educate people... Out of the thousands of people I intended to see it only 3 noticed it, and one of them weeks later while searching for something else.


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