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When Choosing a Domain Name

Discussion in 'Domains' started by Rainman, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Rainman New Member


    Quite obviously domain name, domain age, etc can negatively or positively impact how [and where] your site gets ranked in SERPs. Whilst researching SEO for Yahoo, I stumbled into an interesting tip:

    I've not seen websites whose addresses have numerous dashes on Page 1 of Google. Whether it's bad for SEO or not, a lot of dashes or even two in your URL will make you lose potential visitors since remembering such a web address is quite hard. Sure they [web visitors] can bookmark it but how many times do you bookmark a site the first day you land on it?

    Avoid using dashes in your domain name and you'll retain some [of your organic] traffic.

  2. jblogger New Member


    Having a domain name with dashes can lead into people having trouble remembering your site. It may also affect your site but I'm not sure about that and the blog's author doesn't look like he's sure too because he says he always get the dashed and non-dashed version of the domain...

  3. KenBrace New Member


    I've always seen domain names with dashes as sloppy and ugly looking. Definitely not something I would use.

    I am 100% dedicated to only ever using a standard .com. No dashes. No underscores.

    Domain names with dashes look bad and are hard to remember. I can see why google would penalize sites with such domain names.

  4. orocot New Member



    There is no problem with a domain name that has a dash in them. The only thing you might face is for your users being unable to remember it. Any domain name including ones with dashes in them and be a big success, it's all down to how you market the domain name and get it out there.

  5. Alunny Member


    My domain, Jades-World.com has dashes and it's never been penalised or anything. I liked it better than an underscore, and I had my heart so set on the domain that I wouldn't change it to anything else. Also the version without the dash was lesbian porn last I checked LOL. It's an old design though so if you peek see the new one at Jades-World.com/JW2 (be sure to scroll down manually because I haven't got the menu bar and JS in place to do it for you yet :)).

    Anyway I did choose the name as a 12 year old. I'm used to saying "jades dash world" and those who have come there have never had trouble finding it again so I don't think it's detrimental. Besides we're used to copying and pasting urls because they're usually so damn long anyway.

    Also think of all those websites who could benefit from a dash:
    kidsexchange = kids-exchange
    itscrap = it-scrap
    whorepresents = who-represents
    penisland = pen-island

  6. Converse Active Member


    No search engine is going to penalize a site for having dashes in it, and I agree that if there are disadvantages, they are relatively minor.

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  7. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    When you have so many dashes that people can't remember the URL then it's not good. When you are making a domain name you should try for something that is going to catch people's attention. I think that too many people think too hard about what their name should be though. It's hard because you want to make sure that you will have to domain name that people will remember. But the dashes, not something that seems professional.

  8. chinomoreno New Member


    Though some of the tips are a bit updated, still doesn't hurt to know some of the basic yet important things to remember when doing an SEO for a site. No. 2 is a no-no for me too; if all else fails I'd rather choose a different domain extension than having a dash on my domain.

  9. safiy New Member


    Domain name with dashes, numbers, synonyms are not user friendly and it may effect the ranking of website. Always buy domain names that would be easy to remember


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