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Which social network do you have the most success with?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by greatnate, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I'd tweet when I write the article, and then later maybe with a small review of it as well. It brings the traffic ASAP that I know.

  2. jobenvy New Member


    . I have friends who are shy in person, but you would never know it from how they interact on Twitter and Facebook. They might be uncomfortable speaking up in a crowd, but online they are free to speak their minds. It is an instant voice, unlike writing a letter to the editor, which may never appear in the paper. This might surprise some, but I’m actually quite the introvert. Social media has been incredible in the way it has allowed me to have a voice

  3. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I agree, social media has given voices to people who in without it would never have been heard, though some people or group of people do misuse it, its proper use is proven to be very beneficial.

  4. Billy New Member


    Thanks. And how do you get people to follow you? Do you just visit related profiles and see who is following them?

  5. Converse Active Member


    Yes, I'll follow people who have similar interests. For my Web Directory twitter account, I'll see who is following other accounts that are in the same field, and follow several of their followers. If, after a week or two, they are not following me, I'll unfollow them. I'm not so concerned with the numbers in my personal twitter account, although I actually have more followers in that account than in my business one, I'll mostly follow people who I know, or at least who I know of, and have something interesting to say. Even then, if they are not following me, I'll unfollow them.

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  6. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I'll just follow people whose tweets I am actually interested in, and also people who follow me, I follow them back. And then people with the same interests and field.

  7. Moore New Member


    I think Facebook is the best because it offers a lot of add on s and has a very good environment

  8. Billy New Member


    It looks like Facebook is dropping the hammer on overly promotional posts, so your opinion may change in the near future.

  9. spikerfreelancer New Member


    Yes Facebook and Twitter are extremely valuable resources many fail to recognize Word Press as a legitimate social media resource. Usually, I have noticed, this is a result of a lack of legitimately relevent content. what do you all think?

  10. Billy New Member


    Are you talking about wordpress.com, or wordpress, the software that you install on a blog?

  11. spikerfreelancer New Member


    I was refering to the site, but the software package is also a valuable resource. I, as with most of us, have multiple circles of friends where we have different interests in common. It is absolutely surprising to me that almost none of the people I know have any knowledge of the WordPress site or the resources they offer.

  12. Billy New Member


    So you're getting visits to your wordpress.com site, through wordpress.com itself?

  13. Sparkster New Member


    Personally I have a lot of luck with both Facebook and Twitter, but I think Twitter wins overall. I have a Facebook page for a book I published and I do get a lot of traffic from there but my posts there need to be focused on the subject that the book is written on and it's quite a niche topic. I also use a Facebook account (not page) for everything else and I get some luck with that too but nowhere near as much as Twitter. I actually find Twitter incredibly useful in many ways.

  14. toradrake Member


    I was reviewing over the different social media sites yesterday (I have accounts in many of them but did nothing with them since opening them.) and came to a few thoughts on this question that changed my initial response. First off I was a bit surprised at the difference in their look, they all seem to be following a pattern to look alike in a way, like are all using the same template or something. This did prompt me to trying fooling around with them a bit more. Before, I was not happy with the way they looked and worked so I did nothing with them. Judging from my own response....I'd say more and more users are utilizing these social networks to communicate with others now then they were a few years ago. This opens up a broader range of individuals to reach out to. I also started to see the overall potentials of each one in the idea of marketing (saw it before but did not see it as being beneficial at that time... now it is.) So my conclusion is this.

    Which social media you would use to market through would depend on a couple of factors. For one, who are you trying to reach out to (Business', Customers, etc...)? What are you trying to push (Products, Services, etc...)? and What range are you trying to market to (Local, National, etc...)? Where you would market would weigh heavily on those three questions. For instance, lets say I have a business where I offer my services to other business' for consultations in my local area and want to market my "business card" website. I would probably market more on Linked In then I would under Twitter or Facebook although it would not hurt me to market in those two areas also. Whereas if I had a online store that I had products on to sell on I would concentrate more on Twitter and Facebook then I would Linked In.

    I hope this made sense, to be honest I am battling a head cold that hit me just this morning :( and I'm a bit fuzzy in the head right now and not certain I am making any sense or not :confused:. It makes sense in my head but may not be coming out to well in here. :p

  15. Clcharms New Member


    I have experienced the most success with LinkedIn and Instagram. LinkedIn has helped me to connect and stay in touch with people who could help me with my jewellery design and songwriting careers. While Instagram has acted as a platform for me to promote my jewellery.

  16. Aree Wongwanlee New Member

    Aree Wongwanlee

    Facebook is my main social playground in cyberspace. I have a Twitter account, too, but my Twitter account is basically an echo of my Facebook wall.

    When I want to start a site, I will do some pre-launch promotion by mentioning it in my comments, where relevant. Often I will also create a page or group with the same name as the site which I want to start. This is the way I use to get some feedback so that I can put more relevant content on my site when I start it.

  17. Converse Active Member


    Welcome to the forum!

    I do much better in Twitter than in Facebook. Although I have a Facebook page for my business, I don't know that I have gotten even one visitor to my site from it. My friends will "like" my posts but I doubt that they ever even click on the link. I still post my business stuff on Facebook but it's use is more personal for me.

  18. ducklord Member


    None. And I guess that's because I don't see the point in twitter, since it's hard to use it for learning the news - there are better solutions for that reason, like RSS - and too restricted for communication (140 characters, ha!). On Facebook I've got only about 150 friends, who are actual friends, family and former co-workers. I belong to the 30+ generation (I'm 37 to 38 now), who saw social media more like a way to connect with the people they wanted to have contact with, and not to show off like most younger people do. And no, don't tell me, Joe17, that those 2319 people are really and truly "your friends".

    Of course that bit me as far as work goes, because no "friends" and no "contacts" also means no "connections".

    If anyone could lend a hand in helping me expand those numbers and extend my groups, while not becoming "fake" when doing it, I'm open to suggestions.

  19. Converse Active Member


    My business Facebook page has very few followers, and fewer yet who are actually following it. I have more than a thousand friends on my personal Facebook page, but it includes family, people I went to school with, people I've worked with over the years, people I've met or interacted with politically, as well as actual friends. I do go through that one every now and then and remove people from my friends list if I don't know who they are and can't figure out why they are on my friends list.

    I have three Twitter accounts: a personal one, a directory-related one, and one that I use for my North Dakota sites. I have roughly 1,500 followers on both my personal and directory accounts, some of whom are the same people, and about five hundred on my North Dakota account. Whenever I post a new review in my review site, add a new directory to my directory of directories, or add an article to the Digest site, I will tweet it and post to my Facebook account. Sometimes I'll re-tweet articles from my personal account, if they have some general interest.

    Mostly, I use my Facebook account for personal stuff since it's never done me a lot of good otherwise. Facebook is excellent for keeping up with people I'd have otherwise lost touch with, however. On Twitter though, I use my directory account almost entirely for business stuff, while my personal Twitter account is mostly political stuff. Except for the fact that I can get traffic to my sites through Twitter, I wouldn't see much of a point in it.

    Oh, whenever I remember I will scoop something in Scoop.it or post something to StumbleUpon but I don't do much with those either.

  20. ducklord Member


    I just remembered something and this seemed the best place for me to ask: Pinterest. I have a site / blog with geeky content. Games, scifi movies, stuff like that. Stuff that, from what I gather, ISN'T "Pinnable" to Pinterest (usually). Or... is it?

    Am I wrong in not having added a Pinterest button next to my Facebook and Twitter ones? Can you think of any way I could implement it - and that would seem useful to my lowly number of readers to use?


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