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Why bing?

Discussion in 'Bing' started by Claraviolet, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Claraviolet New Member


    How many of you guys know that, bing's algorithm is way better than google's algorithm?
    It's the truth :)

    Even though bing is still new,it's popularity is steadily growing.I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the "best search engine" in the near future. Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to share, information with us everyone :)

  2. Billy New Member


    One problem is that it's easier to rank in Bing than it is in Google. So, if Bing became a big powerhouse, using their current algorithm, the results would turn to crap because tons of SEOs would now be trying to rank their sites on Bing, instead of Google. Google changes all of the time, basically, because they are at war with SEOs.

  3. Converse Active Member


    My sites always rank better in Google than they do in Bing, although I use Bing as my default search engine. New sites are always picked up by Google almost immediately, while Bing is generally a couple of weeks behind. Eventually though, they're all indexed by both Google and Bing, so I'm good with it.

  4. calebmelvern New Member


    I wouldn't say Bing's search algo is better than Google's--at least not yet. I still get some irrelevant results from Bing from time to time. Whereas Google does really well in understanding the search intent of its users. However, I like using Bing simply because I want to contribute to their user base and help them have more data to play with.

  5. GlacialDoom New Member


    As I am only a student and I have no websites (for now only, hopefully), I only use Bing for the sweet, sweet free Amazon gift cards, but also because (and this might make me seem like a perverted or desperate guy) Bing has the best porn vid searching service. With previews and a more relaxed restriction policy, porn searching is, sadly, the only area where Bing wins over Google. I don't really find other results to be relevant to my search terms most of the time, but that might just be me and my stupid mind.

  6. CyberGal New Member


    I find that it is definitely a whole lot easier to rank in Bing. I got my blogs in there while I can't get them into Google even weeks later. I never really knew or understood why until you told me this, thanks for the info.

  7. Converse Active Member


    Google must like me because my stuff gets indexed by Google even before I want it to, and Bing lags a couple of weeks behind. Eventually, they both arrive at pretty much the same place though.

  8. CyberGal New Member


    That's odd Converse because try as I might, I simply can't get things indexed on Google. My sites are definitely out there though. Bing has picked them up and traffic comes in from there. I wish I could get some Google traffic though as that would really help things along I think. I'm just not sure what it is that I'm doing wrong but hopefully I can figure that out. Or, maybe you may have some suggestions?

  9. Converse Active Member


    I do well with directory submissions, and have always been able to get any site that I concentrate on to page one of Google, using commonly used keywords and phrases. Of course, nearly every site I build is a niche topic, with the exception of my web directory sites, but they're doing well too. However, as I mentioned, my sites are indexed by Google even before I have announced them anywhere.

    Here are a few things that have helped for me, or which I believe to have helped.

    I think it helps to not go too overboard trying to monetize a site until after you have achieved a good ranking in the SERPs. While the search engines don't penalize a site for being monetized, I believe they do reward those that are not. Therefore, if you can get a good placement in the SERPs, you can then monetize the site without risk of penalty. In no event would I try to over-monetize a site, however. One Google AdSense link should be enough, plus maybe affiliate links to products that are suggested by your content. A lot of people build a new site, weight it down with a bunch of affiliate stuff, and then try to get it ranked in the SERPs. That's backwards and unnecessary, considering that you're not going to sell anything through these links until after you get traffic.

    When I am building a larger site, I find that it helps to add it to Google Webmaster Tools as soon as I have a few pages completed. Google will then index them and, finding new content each day after that, its spiders will continue visiting your site as you are adding pages to it. By the time you complete the site, most of its pages have already been indexed. Then, make a point of adding something new every now and then, although I have sites that I haven't touched in as long as seven years that are still doing fine.

    Otherwise, when I build a site behind a password protected directory, as I often have to do for clients, then upload a 300-page site all at once, Google will frequently index only a small portion of it, and take forever to get to the rest of, if ever.

    Lastly, and this may be more than most people can do, I have nearly a hundred domains, and my wife has at least as many. These sites are spread out through about six hosting accounts. I don't link to each of my other sites, as Google may interpret that as a linking scheme, but I do link to the ones that have topics in common, such as my directory sites, and a bunch of North Dakota sites that I have up, and my wife does the same.

    Get your link out there, but don't think of it as gaining back-links. Whatever the topic of your site is, you can probably find forums that discuss that topic. Join them. Don't spam forums with your link, and don't even add your link right away. Rather, take part in forum discussions and become a part of the forum community. When the topic comes up in conversation, you can refer someone to your site. It doesn't hurt to have your link in your signature either. A lot of people have quit doing this when forums began adding "nofollow" tags to forum posts by default. However, when the link is posted in an appropriate context, it does help build authority for your site, and if your forum discussion contributes to the forum, you may receive some natural traffic through your link.

    Rather than viewing it as a link-building campaign, view your online activities as marketing. Wherever you have a chance to refer someone to your site without being inappropriate or off-topic, do that.

  10. calebmelvern New Member


    Great tips from Converse. I would like to add that in Google Webmaster Tools, you can fetch a URL so Google can pick it up quickly, especially if you've made some significant changes.

  11. Bee New Member


    I haven't used Bing as much but what I do like about Bing is their translation service.I also enjoy the bing rewards in my free time by doing my daily searches on Bing. I redeemed something the day before yesterday and it arrived really fast. I am really happy about that.

  12. toradrake Member


    I've been using Bing for a while. Not only do I like the rewards system but their search is better then Googles. Not to mention, their maps are much more accurate. Funny thing is, when I went to go get the surveyors map of my property, which is located in the middle of no where with no roads or anything to it, the gentleman who helped me get the GPS coordinates was using Bing. When I asked why, he said Googles GPS are slightly off and Bings are much more accurate. Bing is suppose to be the underdog compared to Google, yet they seem to hold truer then them. I think that one day Bing may actually surpass Google. I just hope they don't get big headed like Google and become a crappy system.

  13. Converse Active Member


    I just ran the numbers for an SEO/marketing campaign that I am doing for a client and for the first time, I am doing better in Bing and Yahoo than I am in Google, although I'm not doing too shabby with Google, considering the client has a new site in a market that has a lot of competition. Since he doesn't have the authority to compete head-to-head through his main domain, I have been concentrating on the individual pages of his site, and I have a few of them at the #1 spot in Bing and/or Yahoo, and a lot of them in the single digits with those two search engines. Only two of his pages are at the #1 spot in Google, but I have some others in the single digits and every one of his pages are indexed.

    One page, using a key phrase that the client chose, is #1 in Google, #1 in Yahoo, and #1 in Bing. They are long-tail keywords but they're not the sort of off-the-wall phrases that no one would ever search on; a few of them are but they were chosen by the client, while I chose several others that I also concentrated on.

    Considering that the industry is insurance, I'm sure you can appreciate the competition. I am feeling pretty good about it because, given a little more time and some more links, his main page will be in competition too.

    By the way, yes; I did put the site in several directories, including some that I can't afford to put my own sites in, and several of the pages that are ranking particularly well are ones that I was able to add as deep links to directories. In case you don't know that, some directories will allow you to add a specified number of deep links to your listing depending on the submission option chosen. The deep links are usually published in the directory on a details page. There are people who will insist that such links have no effect whatsoever on a site's placement in the search engines, but they are wrong.

    It's been interesting because, for one, I am far more comfortable working in a niche, and also because his site has been the first one that I have used Schema.org data with. I had to learn that for the contract, and am now implementing it in my own sites. Fortunately, it's a WordPress-based site, so I could avail myself of a plugin. There's still a lot to figure out, though.

    By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I brought this up in this thread because this is the first time that I have done better in Bing than in Google. Usually, I move ahead in Google, and Bing takes a couple of weeks to catch up. I don't know if it's the Schema.org stuff or the fact that there is a whole lot more competition than in what I normally do. Probably the latter, as well as the fact that Google now views keywords slightly differently than it used to.

    Last edited: Nov 21, 2014
  14. SimplySidy Member


    Like many others opined above, I do feel Bing's algorithms are better, easier at the moment as it is easier to rank better than Google on Bing.

    I believe the reason is that they still do follow a couple of ancient things unlike Google which is responsible for - 1. Easier and Quicker Ranking at Bing and also 2. The Irrelevant Search Results.

    Take into consideration- Bing still looks at the Meta Tags and gives them priority - http://www.metatags.org/bing_and_meta_tags

    This is just one factor which can help better ratings and at the same time end up in an Irrelevant Search Result - as many websites use the same Meta Tags for almost every page they have (specially the ones which are not self hosted - maybe like some products sites).

  15. celinejulietdcosta New Member


    Bing has a lot of features. It will over power Google in the future.

  16. blur92 New Member


    I've recently became a Bing user. Honestly, I made an account merely for the superficial reason of their rewards program. I think it's as useful as Google, though. I think the biggest problem for Bing is its negative stereotype. If it wasn't for that then I think it would be as popular as Google. I was always reluctant to use it due to the critical hype it has received.

  17. Converse Active Member


    Yeah, people seem invested in believing that Google is the answer to everything. Personally, I have found that the relevancy of Google results is going down rather than up. I also began using Bing because I love the Amazon.com gift cards (there are other choices but I use Amazon.com a lot so that's the one I go with) but, although I pretty much do searches for a living, I do at least as well with Bing as I do with Google. There are times when I am searching for sites to fill a niche category when I'll try Google, after not finding enough good choices through Bing, when I find that I can get to some things through Google that Bing has apparently not indexed, but most often, if I can't find it in Bing, I can't find it in Google either. In fact, if I feel the need to use Google results, I'll get them from Startpage.

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  18. xTinx New Member


    That's why our boss used to tell us not to leave any stone unturned. In other words, when you're doing SEO, cover as much ground as possible. Optimize for Google, Bing and Yahoo and other search engines. That way, your site will rank regardless of the search engine and have as much traffic sources as possible.

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  19. toradrake Member


    I can't agree more. Bing's search results are much better then Google's. Bing's incentive plan may have drawn me in, but their great search results kept me using.

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