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Why don't people like IE?

Discussion in 'Web Browsers' started by KenBrace, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    Oh I know there are still a lot of users out there. It is the most familiar of the browsers, but more and more people are discovering other browsers and how to switch. It will only be a matter of time before IE is not used any longer. People want what the other browsers have and IE does not. Especially those that offer specialized features.

  2. mattattack New Member


    I think there are a few reasons. I think firstly because it was the default, everybody used it, and because of that hackers and bad guys would write viruses specifically for IE. Because companies use IE, and corporate IT departments are notoriously terrible, many users at work were stuck using old versions of the browser which were out of date, and paled in comparison the the latest versions of firefox and chrome. This fragmentation is something which Android users are familar with. I think another part of it is that the other browsers seemed to always be the ones innovating, with IE playing catch up.

  3. chasedood New Member


    Don't even get me started on Internet Explorer, what a joke! The only time I use IE is whenever I reinstall windows, and then I only use it 1 time and that is to download Google Chrome. I even delete IE from my computer so that someone does not accidentally click on it and use it. The reason I do this is because, like everyone knows, within 30 minutes you are bound to have some adware or something on your computer. It is absolutely ridiculous!

  4. MoreThanBeerMoney New Member


    Internet Explorer is outdated and is often a web developer's worst nightmare due to how antiquated it has become - it's like the Blackberry of web browsers.

    I'm surprised to see people supporting Chrome... perhaps they are unaware of how it key logs so much data...

    I personally use Firefox with minimal plugins and have never had a browser issue.

  5. vespid49 New Member


    For me, it just seems bulky. But then again, that's just by subjective aesthetic preference. I think the reason that people are weaning away from using Internet Explorer is just that it's old school. And, in addition, the younger generation generally doesn't even know what it is, or is engulfed in the stigma that IE is old and/or stupid to use. Sure, there are a lot of adults who still use IE, but compared to the younger, larger generation of tech users, they are a pretty small group.
    For me, I just like the look of Google Chrome more than I do IE. It just seems more modern. However, I'll admit to it using a huge amount of RAM.

  6. KenBrace New Member


    What do you mean by Google "key logging data"?

  7. SYCB New Member


    I personally prefer Chrome. From my experience, IE is probably the slowest and least reliable browser. I've tried to use FireFox at one point, but I kept having issues and switched back to Chrome. Another thing that drives me away from IE is the look and feel, to me it just isn't right.

  8. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I think that for me the reason I don't use it is because I've heard that it gives your laptop viruses. I already had a bad one on my laptop a couple months ago and then I had to have Staples clean out my whole laptop. They told me while I was there that Internet Explorer is one of the best places that you can get a virus from. So, ever since then I have stopped using it. I also really love Chrome. Chrome is one of the best browsers that I've used. I like the feel of it. I also feel like it is a lot faster than Internet Explorer. The last thing I want is a slow browser when I'm online, so that's why I don't use it anymore.

  9. proxy New Member


    So many error and bugs also so slow and not charismatic kind of browser

  10. fastreplies Original Member



    Would you mind to give us details of what you mean?



  11. kunkablade Member


    just because it too old

  12. fastreplies Original Member



    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls
    you are witnessing level of stupidity never seen before in this forum.

    Too old???
    If that would be case in booze making industry, we would drink wine made yesterday.
    Regardless I would like poster to tell us how age can effect something updated every year.



  13. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY

    I just dont like the way IE "feels" , and it is slow...
    I prefer Firefox for "feel" and Chrome for "speed"

  14. fastreplies Original Member



    I would argue that it's not slow and if it is, then that would be problem with how site build, where it's hosted and so on



  15. Luckperson1 New Member


    IE is very very slow process and multiple page opened means it will show error.page loading taking long time to open new page.

  16. Wave 69 New Member

    Wave 69

    I think there are some Logging Errors in the browser..!!

  17. Klausm New Member


    I think the newest MS Browser is as good as Google or Mozilla's product. People are hung up in time and don't choose freely, they listen what is more modern and copy that behavior. Free thinking is as rare as it was 20 Years ago.

  18. fastreplies Original Member



    They all are trying to match each other while competing for popularity
    and by doing that, they are offering superior qualities native to specific units.



  19. cubez Member


    For me, it's slow and sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes or does not respond.

  20. fastreplies Original Member



    It could happen if you're still using Millennium or WinXP with IE 8

    At least IE let you using older stuff whereas FF telling you to upgrade
    to some new versions simply by stopping running older completely.

    Anyone who are telling me which programs I should use can go
    fuck themselves.




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