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Will directories still be used in 2015, 2016 and onwards?

Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by boyuancy, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Lakshmi Priya New Member

    Lakshmi Priya

    Directories will always survive

  2. Klausm New Member


    Directories also have a big advatage for new businesses, the can replace a website by bringing the information online which matters most, conatct details.

  3. fastreplies Original Member



    Yep, it looks like directories find place in 2017 as well in spite of
    relentless attacks by so called "SEO Pros" who cannot control
    content real directories editors make sure there is no place for spam.



  4. vamert New Member


    In finding a good directory have a set of guideline that not all business to their website will be included. what i mean here if that directory review all submission on the directory. Also some of good directory are well indexed by search engine such as google. You can find some strongest directory by searching on google "web directory". The first 1-5 result are those directory that google love.

  5. fastreplies Original Member



    Oh for God sake, just open your eyes and tell us:
    which beside botw and pegasusdirectory are directories?
    Dead for a year now dmoz?
    Or webdirectory that never added a single site in last 10 years or more.

    Freaking Google so over-optimized not to mention totally useless because
    of it idiotic algo, you have to go to pages with some directories above pages#5
    and even then you will have sites that nearly mention directory in it pages.

    10 years ago AMRAY Web Directory had top 5 place using the same search term,
    see where it is now and tell me if after 15 years it get worse or better, which for
    idiotic algo means nothing because some asshole "SEO pro" is fucking it like some
    $20 prostitute.

    You wanna see how easy to fuck Google, then search for: strongest web directory
    and you will find not just one but 2 AMRAY Web Directory pages on page #1

    So next time you're going to recommend Google... well, try garbage dump first and
    I bet, you will get better results than in cesspool we're calling Google.



    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017

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